Message from VAMM Chairman

Dear Vietnamese customers and manufacturers,

First of all, on behalf of The Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (VAMM), we would like to send our respectful greetings to you all.

As you have known, currently Vietnam is ranked fourth in the world in terms of domestic motorcycle consumption, of which the five biggest manufacturers including Honda Vietnam, Yamaha Vietnam, SYM, Suzuki Vietnam and Piaggio Vietnam account for more than 95%. Besides the domestic market, export potential for motorcycles and components is very great.

In the background of international competition and integration, the cooperation and alignment among motorcycle manufacturers, domestic as well as abroad, are very essential. This can be regarded as a factor that contributes to the sustainable development of concerned manufacturers. The establishment of VAMM with the purpose of creating a common direction shows their wish for long-term investment in Vietnam that will make effective contributions to Vietnamese industrial development as a whole and formulate common standards for the sake of motorcycle users in particular. VAMM will be also the main link between motorcycle manufacturers and the State to contribute their ideas to policy making relevant to the motorcycle industry and supporting industries as well. In the trend of international integration and orientation of motorcycle and component export, VAMM will be the link for negotiations with other foreign motorcycle associations in terms of technical and environmental standards to facilitate motorcycles and parts exports from Vietnam.

With the view to developing a healthy motorcycle industry, we undertake that VAMM will be an organization of solidarity and will be a forum to link all motorcycle manufacturers in Vietnam so as to make contributions to the development of motorcycle industry and to the prosperity of the community.

We look forward to receiving support for VAMM from ministries and Governmental authorities as well as from Vietnamese customers in order to actively engage in contributions to the Vietnamese society as a whole and the motorcycle industry in particular.

With thanks and best regards.

Koji Sugita

VAMM Chairman